The power of Breathwork

Before we start... Take a deep breath in... and out...

Ever heard of Breathwork?

This is the practice of becoming aware of and consciously using your breath. Just some of the benefits include:

Improved cardiovascular fitness

Increased respiratory health

Beneficial for mental and emotional wellbeing

A deeper connection to your own wisdom and strength

It is like meditation for those who cannot meditate, therapy for those who do not like talking about their problems and plant medicine for those who do not do drugs.

It is a non denominational practice - there is no religious mumbo jumbo around it - whatever your belief system, it is possible to have an experience of spirit too.

Let's continue with our Breathwork "guru" Benedict Beaumont

"I passionately believe in the healing and transformative power of Breathwork. I have had personal experience of this and seen it in the hundreds of people that I have had the honour of facilitating through Breathwork journeys. It is powerful and profound, but it is also simple and accessible to everyone.

Breathing Space was set up in 2018 as a way to bring this amazing practice out into the world. We now run workshops, retreats and training courses all over the world."

Benedict is a Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and founder of the Breathing Space School of Breathwork. He runs transformational workshops and life changing retreats in the South of England, France and Canada. He also trains others who share his vision to do the same.

More information about him and his work can be found on and:

"For many years I was just a participant in things - I went to yoga classes, workshops and even did the occasional training but nothing really stuck. I was a drifting High School teacher who didn’t know what to do with his life.

While on a holiday in Bali in 2014, I was invited to a Conscious Connected Breathwork session. Within a few breaths I went to a deeper and more profound place than I had done in fourteen years on a yoga mat and seven on a meditation cushion. It was like fireworks went off in my head. I knew this was my destiny.

I started Breathing Space in 2018 with my wife Jennifer originally just to run workshops in Devon, UK where we lived at the time. Breathing Space quickly expanded into retreats and running training courses.

I am truly passionate about Breathwork and it has become my life’s work to see it spark change in the lives of others. "

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In which you will learn more about Breathwork, Conscious Breathwork, why is it so transformational, how is Breathwork different to other disciplines, what happens in a Breathwork session, how can Breathwork improve physical well being, how to create life changing retreats, Ben's own life story, including his path to power, starting a breathwork school, burnouts,transformational change, spirituality, teaching, writing books and novels.

And a cool workbook to finish, about science behind oxygen and body acidification:

Enjoy ! xx

The Good Fit Project, in collaboration with Benedict Beaumont