MOTIVATION: the key to get fit?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Whether you live in a city, town, country side, even a small village in the middle of nowhere, there will always be something getting on your way.

People keep talking about “motivation” and how to learn it, keep it and maintain it…

We often believe that Athletes and Personal Trainers know it all and have a motivation level always 100%. First news: that’s not true!

"As a PT, my way to teach is to get people to achieve their goals. For that, discipline and consistency matter. Now, before you start thinking “Oh discipline is not something I have”, let me stop you RIGHT there. Discipline is something everyone can LEARN. Just as when you were little and you learned how to read, and write, and embrace all the society rules…

How do I start?

I would say the most difficult part of making yourself disciplined is to decide, plan and set goals.

  1. DECIDE what will be your final achievement (THINK BIG, don’t be afraid!)

  2. PLAN your days in advance (USE A DIARY)

  3. SET long-term & short-term GOALS (HAVE A DEADLINE PLANNER)

How do I keep going?

In our life we get a lot of distractions all the time. Our brain is a machine which processes several thousands of thoughts a day which can take control over your focus as well. Obviously, this also applies to external events, work, family or friends.

Let me tell you something; this is YOUR goal we are talking about; you chose it, so it should be the only plan. There is no plan “B”. If you think any of these things can stop you, then you need to go back to the starting point and reconsider your decisions my friend.

If anything comes on the way, don’t be scared, go with the flow, and stay focused. Stick to the plan. Find a solution. Do something about it. Don’t wait there thinking someone is going to do this for you, because everyone else is busy to stick to their own plan.

What if I get stuck?

Guess what? We all do lose it sometimes. Therefore, we have our short-term goals. Set a deadline and get the work done. A diary or planner should be your only friend to have with you all the time. Of course your actual friends help, but nobody can do the job for you, and you never know people’s true agenda.

Stay disciplined and I guarantee you will achieve whatever you want. No matter if it’s your fitness goal, your life goal or your career goal that you’re pursuing. They all have the same rules.

Natalia (Personal Trainer & Bodybuilding Athlete)

Wanna learn more? ⇒ listen to our LIVE INTERVIEW with Coach @Samknowsfitness Thursday 23/04/2020 @6pm

Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding Athlete and Business Owner, Sam, gave us an insider look into his fitness journey, and how he “motivates” his clients. Indeed, according to him:

“There’s no such thing as motivation, or at least it’s not that simple. What I mean by that is that motivation comes along the way, it doesn’t exist per se. It does not help you to start or finish your fitness journey. It’s all about the GOAL you’ve set for yourself - which has to be clear and precise enough, and something which you desire for yourself, more than anything. Once you’ve found it, it’s about working daily on ways to get there. GETTING THE RIGHT HABITS to work towards that goal. If you want to get slimmer, stronger, fitter, or whatever it is, you need to revise your priorities in a way that nothing or nobody can get on the path you’ve chosen for yourself. It’s all about getting into that mindset, with the right habits and making the right steps towards it everyday. And finally there’s TRUST OF THE PROCESS. YOU TRUSTING THE PLAN you’ve created for yourself, and trusting the information you’re accumulating to reach it. So better be a reliable one! If there’s no trust, that’s when slip ups occur. When negative thoughts kick in.

When it comes to PTs, they’re working with people’s fear and how to work around them, and how to build that trust in the first place with their clients.

UNDERSTANDING and working with your PAST/PRESENT FEARS, and overcoming them will give you the RIGHT FOCUS and the right structure to keep you on your fitness path. That SOLID STRUCTURE, RIGHT HABITS and TRUST IS THE PLAN is the winning combination which will give you ‘MOTIVATION’ as they say. PT co-create a fitness plan and destination with you, they’re just the guides that accompany you. When you struggle, they are here to put you back on the right track and help you track your progress, showing you how it’s done. Yet, for it to work, trust is the essential ingredient but you being convinced about that plan is the key. Only YOU CAN DO IT!”

Sam Aremu.

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