“How I transformed my INSECURITIES to become a bodybuilding ATHLETE”

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

When I was a teenager at school I was very self-conscious about my body and about my look as I was a little overweight and way too discouraged then to do something about it.

Summers were always a nightmare for me, with wearing less clothes I’d feel comfortable with.

My high school was full of athletes, which added to my insecurities when I used to see all of these amazing ripped bodies around me at all times.

And here I am a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and a Bodybuilding Athlete performing on the stage in a bikini.

How could I imagine then that I could even change the image I had of myself?

Was it easy? NO

Was it fun? NO

Was it worth it? Million times YES

I am sure that every person in this world has some insecurities about themselves. You might not relate to mine specifically, but you probably have that bugger in the back of your mind preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

Transformation is a scary word, but in fact it DOES make you stronger.


  • You start seeing life from another (unexpected) point of you, therefore you understand others

  • Your body does become stronger with training (needless to say!)

  • And so does your mind as it takes a hell of a commitment and strong will to get there

  • You just stick to everything you undertake. You have proven yourself that you can not only set a goal for yourself, but follow it until you reach it. That’s a lot in terms of TRUST and CONFIDENCE in yourself!

So what does confidence mean to me?

  1. You don't like small talks anymore, because you can now connect with people in a deeper way. You’re not afraid to engage in relationships, listen and give advice/express your views if asked for/when needed. Because you have been there and now you are HERE. You are confident with yourself - “your trainers feel right” as we say in French ;-). Transformation has allowed me to gain confidence in myself. You’ve done it so guess what: in any difficulty arising in the future, you’ll now know you’ll always make it somehow, and nothing or nobody will ever take that from you.

  2. You choose your priorities, because you now know what makes you happy. No need to care too much about what other people will think/say/do about it, and for sure no need to let them sabotage your opinion of yourself.

  3. You see solutions, not problems. Problems become challenges to overcome, they are part of the background, not the main barriers to every action. Kindness, and sincerity become your motto.

  4. Getting stuff done is your new way to function! You now know you need a plan, in everything you do. STRUCTURE and DEDICATION, and things you’re planning to complete/do will come easier as they are your priority.

  5. Seeing opportunities and not being afraid to seize them.If things get in your way, you will know how to put them aside, and sort them out a.s.a.p.

  6. Not paying attention to negative people or situations. Negativity becomes your past, you will happily avoid all negative people and opinions in your surroundings. BECAUSE NOW YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and so should people around you do too. Trusting your intuition and gut feeling and paying attention to who you let into your life.

  7. Knowing your limits (the healthy ones)

Natalia, Co-Founder of The Good Fit Project

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