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The Good Fit Project is the result of our experience in wellbeing science, fitness training and coaching, and simply from the passion of living and sharing a healthy lifestyle. We believe that by creating a combination of fun sport activities with mindful experiences, healthy nutrition choices and social gatherings of like-minded people, we will inspire to more sustainable and happier lifestyles in our busy environments.

We created this online fitness guide with an array of daily wellness & fitness classes, motivational workshops and plenty of healthy tips for YOU.


Meet the Team


Body Transformation Coach &



I am passionate about health & fitness and helping my clients to achieve their dream body.
Whatever your goal is I will help you to become the best version of yourself!

My classes are full of energy, fun, suitable for everybody to get in shape for your summer bikini body!




Researcher & 


As a researcher specialised in urban wellbeing, I aspire to make our cities a better and happier place for people. I found doing sport together the best way to happiness and empowerment, and through The Good Fit Project I am sharing with you my expertise and passion for healthy lifestyles.



Recomposition Specialist

I swear,applying the science of exercise and nutrition to achieve any goal is as simple as reciting ABC. And I’m here to make it even more conducive for you! With a Master's in Food Science and 5+ years of coaching experience, I can assure you that your  progress is in safe hands.




Yoga Instructor

I’m passionate about yoga and I’ve been practicing for 5 years now.

I love teaching yoga to all level students.

My goal is to guide every student through the flow and in each practice to find a balance and calm their mind.


Power Lifting 

Posture Correction 

Trigger Points & Movement Screening Specialist


I have been training and motivating newbies to athletes for the past 15 years. At every step,you will be driven by my passion and backed up by latest sport science techniques.


Sustainable Sportwear Designer & Group Exercise Instructor

I am specializing in HIIT Circuits and Dance Fitness.  I am passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness. I have been teaching for over 5 years and I'm  sharing my love for fitness with you by giving you virtual classes you can follow along with at home. My classes are for all levels and it’s a chance for you to come together and get fit whilst having fun!



From guiding you through yogic elegance to helping you blast that booty and kick box your way to fitness, we've got it all. Come & try your first class for FREE!

After the trial, JOIN US for one or all of our classes & workshops for a price as little as £8.99 a month! The wait is over guys, grab your towel and bottle of water, and let's get this going!!

 If you’d like to become a MEMBER, your subscription will be inclusive of:

1. A personalised access to guided group fitness classes online (on Zoom) with a weekly timetable, structured for physical & mental fitness & wellness (strength training, cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning, stability & yoga, mobility & flexibility, dance fitness and recovery training, mindfulness & relaxing session)

2. Research seminars & fitness influencers interviews


3. WhatsApp group for our members only (Healthcare & food recipes tips, Promo codes for our events and partner brands, 24h support, timetable notifications)

4. Future TGFP local fitness events (Park & Studio Workshops) and info about next retreats

All inclusive! You guessed it right, this is the best fitness package for the value of your money!