Retreats 2021

The past few months have taken their toll on many of us. Hopefully, soon only a bad memory!

We're excited to announce our upcoming fitness & wellness retreats to create new experiences together, and get us back on the road to happiness! Take a look below & find your best fit!


Takeout Pizza

Green fields & breath-taking views for stunning hiking trails, olive and rosemary scents on the menu...


JUNE 2021

Love Viewing Bridge Venice
Standing Surfboard

Wild ocean vibes, colorful vibrant town, and adrenaline in the programme with surfing, martial arts and power yoga!


SEPT. 2021

Image by Ricardo Resende
Yoga at Home

Take a break and immerse yourself in the unknown. Discover a new culture, and experiment a new lifestyle mixing rewarding effort and luxury comfort in an eco-friendly style...


NOV. 2021

Food Market