The Good Fit Project is the result of our experience in wellbeing science, fitness training and instructing, and simply from the passion of living and sharing a healthy lifestyle.
Our initiative aims at inspiring people to step back, re-evaluate daily routines, make healthier and more sustainable choices, motivate each other, and in a word - spread happiness!
We met at the gym, discovering our shared passion for wellness, fitness, fun and (of course!) reggaetón.
From there we became inseparable and founded The Good Fit Project. One of us has a life long experience in various aspects of fitness, the other expertise in wellbeing and urban science.
Living in big cities can be draining at times, impacting some of us more than others. 
After supporting each other in our personal and professional busy-London-lives, our energy level was such that we decided to bring it all together to share it with other people too.
We believe that by creating a combination of fun sports activities with peaceful experiences
and delightful healthy treats, we will inspire more sustainable and happier lifestyles in our buzzing cities.
Join our wellness and fitness Community and be a part of this empowering and refreshing journey!
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Dr Claire Papaix 
PhD in Economics 
Researcher in Urban Wellbeing and Citizen Science
Qualified Zumba Instructor
Qualified Yoga Instructor

Claire is a University Senior Lecturer and researcher in Economics focusing on wellbeing and how to make cities a better place. Health, fitness (delicious food and the great outdoors!) are her passion, and this is her inspiration for founding the Good Fit Project

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Natalia Jelsicova
L2 Group Fitness Instructing
L3 Personal Training
 Qualified HIIT Instructor,
Indoor Cycling Instructor and Zumba Instructor

Leaving her home town in Slovakia age 18, a little overweight and with a stressful routine, Natalia discovered her love for fitness. She brought her incredible energy to the UK, which led her to become a bodybuilding competitor and personal trainer, inspiring and motivating many of us every day!


After qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Natalia started coaching others at a local gym.It was there that she met Claire, and the two discovered a mutual love of fitness, wellbeing and a passion for inspiring others.
Claire says. " I met Natalia when I became a regular participant of her LBT, Spin, Zumba and Bootcamp classes. Natalia is an amazing person, and she truly wants every single one of her students to succeed. I guess you can say that Natalia is the heart of the business and I'm the driving forse."
Natalia says: " When I met Claire she was the perfect friend and business partner for me. We decided to combine our passion together and create something different from what the other fitness companies do. We decided to create a lifestyle."
At The Good Fit Project, we know how important friendship and support are because they're the things that keep us striving for a better life. We want every single person  we work with to benefit from the physical and mental differences in their daily living.